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We have experience writing for some of the biggest brands in the world including the BBC, Unilever, TJX, Avon, Virgin Atlantic and John Lewis, as well as small businesses and startups. Find out below how we can help you present your words in a professional and engaging way.


We can support your business needs by creating copy for a range of purposes and formats. This includes strategy documents, sustainability reports and white papers, HR materials, web and social media copy, search and promotional campaigns and internal communication. We can help you create a house style or tone of voice guidelines and we can also support you with brand story development.

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We can ensure your copy is professional and structured in the best way to help you achieve your objectives, whether that is to inform your partners of a change, encourage your employees to behave a certain way or persuade your customers to make a purchase. We'll ensure your copy flows and reflects your house style or personal tone of voice. We'll look for factual inaccuracies and proofread for any errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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If you need your writing to be professional, then do not think for a second that you can get away with proof-reading and editing your own work! My proofreader was the fresh pair of eyes I needed to edit my Fat Loss Plan ready for publication. She gave many helpful suggestions and spotted errors that I hadn’t found, even after checking it over several times.


The Word Tank team were fantastic to work with, providing accurate and timely feedback without crushing my soul! I highly recommend their services.


Emma McBride Nutrition

Victoria is a highly skilled editor and proof-reader with exceptional attention to detail. English is my second language and due to this I often make mistakes in grammar and syntax that frustratingly I appear to be completely unable to spot regardless of how many times I go over the text. This is where Victoria showed to be an asset beyond expectations. She did an amazing job going through all materials I had on my website making it look a lot more comprehensible and easily read.


I would recommend Victoria to anyone who needs a second pair of eyes because hers are beyond outstanding.  


Emely Ostberg, Psychologist at the Bell Yard Psychology Clinic

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