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Student services

Line and CopyEditing

If you are writing a thesis or dissertation we can help to ensure your work is professionally edited and presented. 


A copyedit (which is similar to or also known as a line edit) is performed on a draft thesis or dissertation. The purpose of a copyedit is to ensure your writing flows, with sentences and paragraphs that are clear and stylistically consistent, and has the correct tone for your intended readership. At this stage we will also look for formatting inconsistencies as well as querying obvious factual inaccuracies and flagging any potential legal issues.

We will also carry out a final proofread to capture any remaining errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

£100 up to 10,000 words

£5 per 1000 words thereafter

Contact us for a quote or free sample edit.



Dr. Sarah Rawding

Senior Lecturer, Early Years


My editor provided valuable, detailed and constructive feedback and guidance around punctuation, sentence structure and consistency of verb usage. They revealed elements of the thesis which required further explanation and more explicit definition such as key terms, concepts and abbreviations. Inconsistencies in referencing were also highlighted. In terms of general structure, they made useful suggestions to revisit points made earlier in the thesis to encourage the logical flow of the chapters and ensure the final product was cohesive and succinct.


At this stage of PhD submission it was invaluable to gain feedback of this depth from someone with such a professional skill for grammatical precision, meticulous attention to detail as well as a great understanding of academic requirements and expectations. I was awarded my PhD in 2019 with no amendments needed in terms of writing standard.


I will definitely be using The Word Tank's services for future writing I have planned and would not hesitate to recommend their proofreading service to academic colleagues and students.

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